Melody of the Fates

Book One of a Symphony of Two Keys 

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“A Song for everything, and in everything, a Song. Muses exist to inspire creation, Sharee. It's what we do.” – Renee Swift

Werim and Sharee Swift, teenage siblings living in an idyllic mountain village, have known nothing but the sweet song of peace. When that melody is destroyed and their mother slain by an invading dark Warlord, they discover that growing up can be a discordant tune. Escaping to find a nation steeped in turmoil, the two must learn to play their own song as counterpoint to the clangor of war. Will they grow to embrace their inner power, or be silently swept away by the savage horde?

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Melody of the Fates is a full-length fantasy adventure, the first installment of a new series from author Matt Hofferth.


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