Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Danke, Liebster Bloggers

Now, I'm guessing the Liebster Blog Award has German origins.  After translation, I believe the award to be an acknowledgement of one's favorite blogs.  (Liebster being "favorite," of course).   How nice, then to get this from not one, but two individuals that have become some of my favorites in the writer-blog-o-sphere as well.

Nadja Notariani and Elizabeth Anne Mitchell both gave me the nod this past week.  I am both honored and thankful.  After all, this is still a very small corner of the woods, and it's nice to know you're succeeding with those few you're reaching out to.  It's also nice to know that I'm actually being helpful and supportive, which is, after all, the primary goal of joining the ROW80 challenge.  It has been a wonderful introduction for me, and helpful for making some early friends.

Really, it takes so little that I almost feel guilty sometimes.  Perhaps that sounds bad, but I think you fellow writers can catch my intentions.  For many of us, toiling away in the dark, in our own little corner was the best we could hope for in our writerly futures.  Along came the internet and groups like ROW80 to brighten and broaden our horizons.  It really is exceedingly easy to stop by someone else's blog and leave a friendly little bread crumb.  And yet, for writers who are used to a feedback starved existence, you're really laying out a smorgasbord.

So thanks, Nadja and Elizabeth, for all the fish.  It's been great.  And hopefully this is only the beginning.  I wish you two the best and will be lurking, as usual, if only to keep you in line ;-).

The guidelines of the award state that you should pay homage to the Awarder, in the form of some link love, which I've done above.  I'm even going to go a step further, and give them each a little section on my sidebar labelled "Nice Words from Nice People."  There shall the posts be linked forever (or so long as the Interwebs exist), a memorial to a delicious peach on the very last day of summer.  Also, a gentle prod for any indie-warriors out there looking for other good folk to support.  You know who you are.

Finally, it is suggested that you pass the award on.  Like grade-school, there are no "tag-backs" here, which is a shame, because, as mentioned, I lurk around Nadja and Elizabeth's blogs quite a bit.  Also, thou shalt not passeth the award to they which have already been awardeth.  Thus, I find my selection somewhat narrowed.  Still, I believe I have found one (and if she has received it... well, there are worse things than being liked).

I shall tag Anne-Mhairi Simpson with the Liebster Award from On The Job Writing.  We, here in my head, all agree that Ms. Simpson does a wonderful job.  We especially like her Wednesday Word.  Call me a word nerd.  It rhymes.

Anne-Mhairi, go forth and prosper!  You have inspired!  And keep up the good work.


Elizabeth Mitchell said...

Good choice for paying it forward, Matt. As a fellow word nerd, I love Wednesday Word, too!

And thank you for the all the fish you've sent my way--as well as keeping me in line! :D

Nadja Notariani said...

Heh-heh...word nerd. Yeah, I'm a member of that group, too.

And as for the great sentence..." Also, thou shalt not passeth the award to they which have already been awardeth."

Well, it sort of reminds me of a Monty Python excerpt, and that kind of works for me:) I'm glad to know that I have friends lurking about, cheering me on, checking in to see if I'm still plugging away.

Ihr buch zu lieben, geschichte zu schreiben freund ~ Nadja

Matt said...

Lol... I could be in worse company than Monty Python, for sure. :-)

Danke schon. Es macht mir sehr froh, das Sie mein Buch lieben.

Matt said...

Word nerds fo-evah!

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