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Here's a list of the stories I have for sale. Click on the links for descriptions and links to vendors. I hope you find something you enjoy!

Urban Fantasy

The Binder's Daughter
Epic Fantasy

A Symphony of Two Keys
  1. Melody of the Fates
  2. Going Home
Shorter Works


Anonymous said...

Honestly I decided to read your book because your mother was one of my two favorite teachers (circa 1983). So, you can thank her for sparking my interest. However, once I began reading The Binder's Daughter, it was all you that kept my interest! I absolutely loved it & am highly anticipating the sequel. My husband (not really a vampire kind of guy) very much enjoyed it too. Our 17 year old daughter (Twilight who???) is driving me crazy asking for news of the sequel's release date!
So, in pure selfishness (I must save my sanity), I am inquiring on news of The Binder's Husband.
Oh, I also just finished The Only Sparkle. Great quick read! Very enjoyable.

Matt said...

Just found this comment buried in the spam area. Sorry it took me so long to come across it! I'll answer anyway just in case it gets seen...

Thank you so much for the read and glad you enjoyed!

Long story short, my life and day job got super busy and I had to really focus on things. I don't know if I'll return to The Spirit Binder series, but I didn't throw away my notes if I do get time. For now, I am focusing on the Symphony series.

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