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The Only Sparkle On A Vampire Should Be The Zipper
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The Only Sparkle
Length: Novelette (~12,000 words)

Description: Mark’s claim to fame is as the manager of the local movie rental store. Sally is his beautiful, blonde employee with a penchant for vampires. It’s business as usual until Mark finds a note taped to a return. A note that claims inside knowledge about a vampire being behind a pair of recent murders. A note that explains the vampire’s weakness. A note addressed to Sally.

Is the information credible? Do vampires even exist? Is Sally intrepid enough to catch one? Will Mark be able keep to her safe? And, regardless of all that, can either of them find a way to get the killer to put on pants?

The Only Sparkle On a Vampire Should Be the Zipper is a 12,000 word novelette. That’s about five chapters for those of you keeping track at home. It is urban fantasy with a humorous twist. Written based on a dare, the challenge was to create an engaging story where a vampire’s power revolves around wearing pants. Silly? You betcha! The Only Sparkle promises a short, fun read with an interesting hook.

Author's Note: This is a bit lighter than my usual fare, and was done as part of a dare. For more on that dare, see this post.


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