Wednesday, September 14, 2011

ROW80: Building Sandcastles

It's going to be a quick one today. Things have been pretty busy and I'm just hanging on with my teeth. Still, I've managed to chew through some words, so that's good. Here's a quick look at the goals:
  • Publishing Lesson Learned - I'm simply going to link this wonderful article by Michael J. Sullivan.  He has swiftly become one of my idols in this brave new publishing world.  I think he and his wife have their stuff together and it shows.  In the article, he simply expresses how difficult it can seem to start from scratch as far as an audience is concerned.  Yet you build it one person at a time.  There is no secret here.  Word of mouth is all about personal connections.  I've been blessed so far to run into some top notch folks (see yesterday's post) that have been hugely supportive.  And it's all happened by retaining that focus on forming real relationships with people, and not just going for a sale.
  • WIP Pages - 6/6.  I think.  Sometimes the days blur together and I find it hard to keep track.  I'm pretty sure I only took two days off this week but made up for it with a two-pager on Monday.  I'm rocketing into the final battle scene in my WIP, and those type of scenes always go faster.  I wouldn't be surprised to beat this next week.
  • Blogging - This makes 3/3 here, though I did not squeeze a fiction post in.  On the other blog, I took the week off of my serial fiction as well.  I was focused on my WIP.  Still, I hit 3/3.  Seeing as how it's a new month, I have a personal post to make sometime soon.  That should be no problem.
So, I hit all the goals this week.  It was touch and go for a bit, but worked out.  That's all I've got for this week.   I thanked several of my fellow ROWers yesterday, so you may want to check that out if you haven't seen it.  Otherwise, I'll end with my word counts:

  • Since last check-in: 4,869
  • Fiction: 2,130
  • 44% New Fiction
  • Grand Total for the challenge: 62,059


Lena Corazon said...

Great job on the goals, Matt, and thanks for linking to Michael's post. His words about building an audience are incredibly helpful to consider. I've been trying to remind myself that I'm committed to the career of writing for the long-haul, and if it takes some grind work to generate word of mouth, then I'll be prepared for it.

Have a wonderful rest of the week!

Matt said...

Thanks. Like I said, I love Michael's approach, and he's been successful with it, so it's a proof-of-concept in my eyes. One of the nice things about starting as an indie publisher is that it allows you to really learn the business and figure out what is important to you. Lessons that would serve well even if you land a deal later.

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