Monday, September 19, 2011

Under Cover

Side note: I love ereaders. Convenience aside, it's nice to be able to read something and have no one else know what exactly I'm reading.  My tastes vary wildly.  Sometimes, what I read is not very "manly."  It's nice to not have to explain it to random passerby.

And yes, I've had to explain myself on numerous occasions.  Like when I was reading Twilight.  It was one of those hot button things that people knew, but only knew enough to make fun.  You couldn't just enjoy a book without being asked which "team" you're on.  Or if you like sparkly vampires.

For the record, I enjoyed the stories.  Sparkling annoyed me, but it was a pretty minor thing, and at least it was inventive.  I can't say I've seen sparkly vampires done before, but yeah... totally not "manly."

Perhaps I just care too much, but I always did feel a bit judged.  There are some people I want to share what I'm reading with.  Then, there are other people that I'd just as soon left me alone.  Plus, I don't have to worry about what the cover says about me.  Like it or not, it is a consideration of mine.

Now the worst I get is: "Hey, is that one of those Kindle thingies?"

"No, it's a Nook."

"Oh." *Puzzled Look*

"Same idea, different company."

"Oh!  Neat."

Sometimes they'll want to see the screen.  Sometimes we'll talk pricing.  Rarely do they actually ask about the book, though I'll definitely share if it's someone I think might like what I'm reading.

Bonus points if I quickly flip open the copy of my book that I keep on my nook...

"Wait, you  mean you wrote this?  The whole book?  That's, like, amazing."



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