Monday, November 28, 2011

Real Quick

Hope everyone had a fun turkey day that celebrates it. I'm equal parts still full and tired. How long before the tryptophan gets out of our system?  I think mine might be pitching a tent and planning to stay until Christmas.

I mentioned on my Facebook page, but I wanted to reiterate here: got my first proofs of Fates' Motif in.  I showed them off at the family Thanksgiving gathering, and have my mom helping me get them in the hands of my editors.  I'm hoping to have the edits back by Christmas and then go through the revision gauntlet once again.  I've taken that whole week off, so I'm hoping I can squeeze it all in before New Years Eve.  More than likely, we're looking at a release date somewhere around my birthday (January 17th).  I'm going to try hard to beat that, though.

We've got some good ideas for the cover, so I'll share that as soon as my wife gets a good first hack done.  Also, I've got a review and interview going up this week over at the Once Upon A Time blog.  I'll throw up some links and an announcement when it goes live.  Hannah is a friend that I met through my WoW blogging, actually, so I'm excited to see what she has to say.  I'll let her scoop it, but I think I'll re-post the interview over here maybe next week or something.  I like to have those sorts of things in my archive for folks in the future.

Well, I need to jet outta here.  First Mondays back from a holiday are always hectic, are they not?


Anonymous said...

No tryptophan for me! I ate ham. LOL

Good luck with your upcoming release!

Matt said...

Did you have a glass of wine? Wine may be a giant contributing factor to my lethargy as well. :-)

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