Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Weekly Check-In

Despite my somewhat abrupt leave of absence from writing, I'm still trying to check in once each week. In my opinion, the worst thing you can do to a blog is leave it dormant for long stretches of time. Though the regularity of my content has waned, I don't want it to disappear entirely. I do plan to be back, and stronger than before.

I promised some more information once upon a time, and I'll provide a small bit right now. Apart from my Mom being diagnosed with breast cancer last month, I am also transitioning through a divorce. Such things happen in life, and one of my goals in therapy is going to be to develop a 5-minute version of the story that is mostly positive. I'm not quite there yet, so I won't relate the story. Still with the editor, so to speak.

Yes, therapy. Totally getting it. Totally need it. Totally wish more folks would make use of the many mental health professionals out there. Finding the right therapist can be tricky, but when you find the right one, the dividends are totally worth it. I'm a big fan of psychology and mental health. I think it's something we, as a society, tend to be ashamed of more than is good for us. Consider myself included in that statement. It was definitely a difficult step for me to seek help.

I suppose it feels like failure, but I know that's not the full story. Truth be told, I feel like I'm in pretty good shape given what has transpired. Mom getting cancer, divorce, even alone these can be difficult things to deal with. And I'm getting up, I'm soldiering through. I have a great support network (you guys included). My sense of humor may be somewhat cynical as of late, but I still have it.

For instance, I was researching Indiana divorce law the other night. Real cheery stuff, I know. But on this site were ads. Ads that I'm sure have some sort of targeting algorithm. One of the ads that popped up was for familial insurance. Yes, pictures of puppies, smiling children, and happy spouses. On the "fill out your divorce paperwork online" site. Ad targeting failure.

I did what most slightly unbalanced folks would do. I got angry with the ad, insurance, and the Internet in general. Then, I realized I was mad at an advertisement, and started laughing. So, yeah... therapy.

There's humor in everything, it seems.


koalabear said...

I am so glad to hear that you have found a good counselor. Sometimes that is all you need to make everything fall into place.

Keep on keeping on my friend. It can only go up from here.

Matt said...


The good news is that I've been jotting down story ideas like crazy. The bad news is that they tend to not follow one of my already published series. lol We'll see what comes out of this.

koalabear said...

Well it isn't like you can't start another series!

Matt said...


The football team I coach is in the tournament right now. Every Friday could be our last. I plan to take the time I've been spending on football and dump it back into writing when the season ends.

It's funny because I love football and I love writing... I don't necessarily want one to end in order to have time for the other, but there are only so many hours :-).

koalabear said...

Yeah no kidding!

I look at it this way. I waited 12 years for The Shelters of Stone and 9 years for The Land of Painted Caves. Not to mention how many years I have waited on GRRM.

I think I can wait for your books too ;-)

Matt said...

Ha! While I'm no GRRM, that's how I've been thinking about it, too. Waiting can be annoying, but it's definitely a "better late than never" sort of idea in my eyes. I'd much rather they write their books and make them good and take time than either 1: putting out crap fast or 2: not writing them at all.

Elizabeth Anne Mitchell said...

I was glad to have your post pop up in my email. Therapy is underrated, in my experience. As for the aura of shame, I think there is more shame and failure in refusing to deal with what life hands one. That said, my favorite expression about therapy is "the truth will set you free, but it will first make you miserable."

I'd say you're in good shape; your anger at the ad and ability to laugh at yourself proves it.

I'm with koalabear. I will happily wait for your books.

Matt said...


It means a lot. Thanks for the support.

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