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Electrical engineer by day. Aspiring author by night. Matt Hofferth hopes to one day realize his dream of becoming a full time writer, but until then, he still plays the part of mild-mannered professional as he must. His hobbies, apart from writing on his lunch break or whenever time finds him, include helping out as an assistant football coach at local Westfield High and being an avid video gamer. He lives in Noblesville, Indiana.

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I run several other blogs that align with my other interests.  If you're interested in checking out some of my writing in those realms, I'll pass along the links.  I have a personal blog where I post once a month, mostly to update my family with what is going on in my life, but also to chronicle some of life's more mundane adventures.  And if you're curious about the high school football program I'm helping out, I run a site for them here.  Feel free to check them out and ask me about them, either here or there.  I'm more than happy to go off-topic, though you may get more than you bargained for.  I can be a bit of a talker.  You've been warned...