Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Another Cheater Post

Tomorrow is the last day of #ROW80 Round 4. Thus, the check-in is delayed for a day, leaving me this Wednesday open. I'm going to cheat again though, and link a post I wrote elsewhere. This time, it was on the blog I run for the football team that I volunteer for. I think it's worth a read, as I'm giving a bit of a holiday history lesson to our players. It is also one of my favorite Christmas stories: the 1914 Christmas Truces. A poignant conjunction of sports, holiday spirit, and war. Check it out here.


Juliana said...

LOL nice cheater post ;)

Matt said...

Yeah, I was all geared up for my Round 4 close-out... then realized it won't happen until tomorrow. Not that it's particularly badass or anything, just that my brain was stuck on it.

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