Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Holidays

Not sure how much I'll be around this week, but wanted to pass along a (belated for one) Happy Holidays to you and yours from us here at OTJW. It's been a great year here, one which saw me embark on this whole writing journey, and I want to thank those of you that have already hopped on for the ride. Here's hoping 2012 is a good one. I've been playing a lot of Star Wars (The Old Republic) lately and I posted this picture on my other site, but thought it was still appropriate here. Some fireworks from the end of Return of the Jedi (my favorite of the movies, and I <3 fireworks):

Don't celebrate too hard and, like, topple statues of emperors or anything.

 (Edit: Fixed the image. Apparently the old one was removed.)


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