Tuesday, January 3, 2012

#ROW80 - Round 1 Goals

Ahhh! I missed the start date. Sorry, was afk. Back now. Joining up as I write this. Linkies to go in the Linky upon hitting the publish button. I will be here! I will lurk and comment as much as I can. Definitely excited to be a part of this and... WOW look at all those entries. So. Many. Writers. Good luck to all! Want more info on the challenge? Check out Kait Nolan's Round 1 kick-off post here. I love her description of the "Test Mile" and it is a concept I regularly abuse when setting my own goals.

That in mind, here are my Round 1 goals:
  • Publish Fates' Motif - That means an editing gauntlet at some point. It's out in my editors' and betas' hands right now. It'll be back when it gets back. I'd love to have this out by the end of the month, but I refuse to rush it just for the sake of rushing it.
  • Begin my next project - Tentatively titled "The Binder's Husband," it is the second in my Spirit Binder Series. I need to get an outline going, and that's my goal for this week, to start (and maybe finish) that endeavor.
  • Keep learning - I always try to publish one lesson learned each week. Could be a writing lesson or a publishing lesson, or maybe even a life lesson. Just as long as I'm learning and improving. That's the over-riding goal around here. Even if I muck up the smaller goals, so long as I'm learning something from the experience, it isn't a loss.
  • When editing, outlining, and generally not "writing," the goal will be to spend at least an hour each day, with one day off per week. When in writing mode, the goal is to write at least a page per day, with one day off per week. This pace has typically served me well in the past.
  • With blogging, the goal is to write three posts per week here, and three on my gaming blog, per week. I'll try to throw some experimental fiction in here as well. Also, I have a personal blog that I want to check in at once per month.
  • At the end of it all, I'll throw in a cumulative word count just for grins. I'm not a big word count guy, prioritizing quality over quantity, but it's good to know if your methods are paying off, if you're sticking with it, and a word count is a good (if arbitrary) measure of that. After all, the essence of being a writer is putting thoughts into words. I won't have a goal of x words per day or whatever, but I like to look back and realize how many words I did type. I think its proven encouraging. Last year, in two rounds of 80, I racked up 130,472 words. Good times.
  • I'll be checking in on Wednesdays. Sundays tend to be my day off, and, having weekly goals, it makes sense for me. So don't look for me so much on the weekends, but rather count on Hump Day for me to poke my head up and ROW a bit.
That's all for now. Wednesday is already threatening at the door. I'd better get started!


amy kennedy said...

Wow! That's some goals, yet it seems like you know what you're doing. I love the idea of posting a "lesson learned." Something we all should , because maybe, just maybe we'd remember the darned thing. Good luck this round!

Matt said...

Yeah, "learning" is sort of my thing. It makes sense to make that a central goal. When I started my writing journey, I despaired that I wasn't (and may never be) as good as some of my favorite authors. But they had to start somewhere. They, too, had to learn.

So I prefer to call myself a "learning author" than anything else. I'd like to think I'm a step above a hobbyist or amateur, but maybe not quite a full "pro" yet. Plus, really, I don't ever want to stop learning. It's as good a mantra as any! :-)

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