Wednesday, January 18, 2012

#ROW80 - Still Alive

My comments will be protracted today. Not because they were censored by SOPA/PIPA - though that is a future danger that we should all consider - but instead because I'm doing the whole "taking care of more important things" that I mentioned last week. I wanted to at least pop in though.

I wrote some (I'll add it up next week). I blogged some (I think I may have been short). I'm sure I learned something, but I can't really regurgitate it right now. I gained a year (as of yesterday).

But, above all, I'm still alive (if you're a Portal fan, you'll love the link. Otherwise, you'll probably just think I'm weird. Either way: for my birthday, the cake was not a lie. It was ice cream cake. Yum.) Just wanted to go on record with that. See y'all next week!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for popping in. Happy Birthday, as happy as it can be. :)

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