Tuesday, July 19, 2011

B&N Version Goes Live!

Good news, everyone! After several emails (thank you, though they apparently just said: "Nyah nyah, we can't tell you.") and a short phone call, the B&N version of The Binder's Daughter is now available.  Happy day. 

In the future, this part of the process should not take nearly so long, as now we officially have an account in their system.  It only took them about 24 hours to review the actual book, so it was obviously the account that was the sticking point here.  That only has to be done once.  Hurrah.

Unfortunately, the print version is going to be probably another week off as we had to correct some minor (but noticeable) errors in the proof.  We've ordered a new proof, which has to be printed and mailed, so that will take a few days.  We're hopeful that we might be able to hit early next week, provided all goes well. 


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