Monday, July 25, 2011

The Binder's Daughter: Officially Launched

We got the print version up and for sale this weekend. This represents a big step as we are now, officially (by our book) launched.  There are no immediate intentions to offer any other editions (though we're not closed to considering other options if someone shoots us an email).  Everything is out there.

The print version is listed at $20.  Of that, we see a variable amount based on where you buy it.  If you purchase from the site here, we get a little over $5 of that money.  If you purchase through Amazon's size directly, we only see about $2 of that.  That's why we chose the $20 price point: it gives us just about the same profit margin as the ebook versions.  The fact that we can sell it through our own site and keep more of the money is great, but they only give an option for a single list price, so we had to cater to "worst case" scenario.  Most sales through here will probably be family, friends, and eventually (hopefully) fans.  It's my hope that contributing more to the aspiring author appeals to you guys. 

Also, as I note in the print editions, I'm offering the ebook free with print purchase.  For more about that, see the link at the top.  I think it makes sense and don't really see why more authors/publishers aren't doing this.  I love having a physical book (and it's a great marketing device... to hold a physical copy), but reading on my ereader is so much more convenient.  For people like me, I think the offer is a great one.  The only choice is really how much do you want to spend.  If you're really appreciative of what I'm doing, then maybe $20 is a good value, knowing more is going back to us.  If you're still just testing the my literary waters, then I think $2.99 is a bargain.  I'd rather it be a question of support than one of convenience.  That, and I just plain like physical books.  I love having a populated bookshelf and imagining my book on someone's shelf.  I wouldn't be doing this if I felt otherwise.

There is one "downside" to the print version that you may or may not notice.  I posted a preview of the print cover here, but the proof shows that CreateSpace is somewhat limited in their printable color palette.  You really can't make out the two tails on the back.  In the end, we didn't think it was a big enough issue to hold up putting it for sale.  We've had a lot of people asking after the print version, and didn't want to make them wait any longer.  We'll probably play around with that back cover in the future and try to get it to look exactly how we want.  Some of this is just learning what works with our POD publisher.  Obviously, it doesn't print out exactly as the PDF we sent in looks.  Probably just needed to go lighter on our grays and keep our blacks black.  We'll see.  Everything inside looks wonderful, and the cover certainly does not look "bad" (by our estimation), so it didn't seem right to delay a whole 'nother week to get another proof and go through that rigmarole again.  We're not sure how editing the cover works while "live," but I guess we'll find out! 

To the handful of you who have already purchased the print version (yes, we've noticed), thank you!  I really hope you enjoy the story.


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