Monday, February 27, 2012

I've Been a Bad, Bad Author

I feel like I've been a bad author. A good writer, but a bad author. At its most basic, the difference between a writer and an author is pretty simple. A writer writes. An author has written. Writers keep creating content, which I've been doing, but I've not really been preparing any to share (which I blame squarely on my inner author). I have a manuscript that is hanging out there with editors, and I just finished the first draft of the dare novelette. I don't want to give that to the same editors because I know they've been a bit overwhelmed (for very, very good life reasons, let me assure you).

On one hand, I'm anxious to share what I've written. On the other, life's been rough on my end too, and even if the editing side hadn't been held up, I'm not sure I would have been ready to do what I need to do to get it published. It's just been one of those starts to the year.

The good news is that stuff is starting to clear up on my end. The wife's health struggles are getting under control. The Day Job has settled a bit, or at least I've grown more comfortable in the new position. My car is only springing mild leaks at the moment (and I'm looking to get a new one, but it's not nearly as critical after a couple successful repairs).

With my new-found stability comes a renewed attention to authorial pursuits. Fortunately, I've been a good writer. I have drafted projects in need of publishing. I still face the editorial hurdle, however. So I've been doing some research. I'm looking into freelance editors, which led me to the EFA. I've found a couple prospects close by, but I thought I'd drop a note on here too for my writer friends. Do any of you have an absolutely wonderful editor you'd like to recommend? I'm all for supporting the little guy.

I have to admit, I'm a bit apprehensive about finding a new, previously unknown editor. So far, I've only used people that I know personally. It's worked well for me, but expanding my contact list is probably a good thing.

Specifically, I'm looking to get my novelette in front of a solid copy editor. Price is a concern. So is specialty. I'd obviously want someone comfortable with fiction. Bonus if they like urban fantasy. It's pretty tongue-in-cheek, too. But for copy editing, I'm not sure how important all of that is. I mean, it's still English.

Anyhoo, I'm open to suggestions. Otherwise, I'll probably chase down the leads in town here. I'm not sure if being local is a plus. I mean, after they lambaste my work, will I want to run into them in the supermarket? (Okay, I'm being a bit silly there. Editors won't devour your soul. Not right away.) In any case, it's certainly not a must (what with the wonders of the interwebs).

Thanks in advance for any suggestions. And I promise to get some work out there before summer. For sure. No more Mr. Bad Author.


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