Wednesday, February 29, 2012

#ROW80 - Back to Business

I missed my check-in last week. Apologies. As mentioned, though, I was skiing. What with the wonderful invention of the high-output lightbulb, I was able to basically go from 9AM to 9PM. Then, as one might expect, I lacked the energy to lift my arms, much less type. Seriously, twelve hours of skiing is rough stuff, but it was hella-fun.

So last week was vacation week. I'm going to go ahead and pretend that those days simply didn't exist, and pretend like this is a check-in for one week (even though it's technically two). I needed the time off.

How 'bout them goals?
  • Lesson Learned - Writing is like skiing. Also, it hurts when you fall, but you generally learn something and get better.
  • WIP - I finished my dare story! It clocks in at about 12k words. I'm pretty sure I beat my 5 page goal, but two weeks makes me fuzzy. The important thing is that I finished it. Now I need to focus on the business side of things and sharing this story and my novel. That means editing mode, so this goal will get wonky, but I'll try to keep myself honest and report real progress.
  • Blogging - In two weeks I slapped up 4 posts here and 3 posts on the gaming blog. Solid if you accept the whole vacation thing. Even so, I'm going to try to get my posting frequency up a bit in the next few weeks, as I won't be writing any new fiction (see aforementioned editing mode).
This year has started off pretty rough for me, but once I get the novel and novelette out, I'll have three very different projects available. I'm excited about that prospect. I still need to find another editor (see Monday's post), but otherwise things are starting to smooth out and line up. I'm hoping to have all this done so I can really move on to the next project by this summer if not sooner.

Is it hard for you other indies to resist the urge to simply "hit the publish button?" That is to say, things need editing. Editing is a super-important part of the process. But sometimes I feel completely impatient with it. I'm excited when I finish something now, and I want others to read it while its fresh to me. Not excited enough to bypass editing, but the feeling is there. Still, it would bet ten times worse with a traditional publisher. Then I'd be saying a lot of: "That project was so last year to me" by the time y'all would see it.

Anyway, we'll end with the word count:
  • Since last check in (two weeks): 5,885
  • New Fiction: 1,634
  • Round 1 Total: 40,407


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