Wednesday, February 15, 2012

#ROW80 - Finding the Time

Things are still pretty rough around here. Wife isn't feeling great after more procedures last week, and it falls to me to take care of her. It's that whole "in sickness and in health" clause. Obviously, we all prefer the "health" part. Still, we've had great support from family, friends, and - yes - Internet friends. Several of you have left nice comments or stopped by on Facebook or whatever... and that is greatly appreciated. It's pretty cool when people you've never really met face to face can pop in and offer support from a whole variety of different life experiences. Perspective always helps when you're stuck in the doldrums. As do kind words, so thank you.

That being said, let's look at the goals:
  • Lesson Learned - Not related to writing, but I learned a lot about procedures that involve spinal intrusion  in the last week. Apparently this whole "blood patch for spinal fluid headache" business is more common than I thought, especially when you consider women getting epidurals. Also, the silver lining of facing adversity and being a writer is that I'm filing a lot of these emotions and experiences away for later. My fantasy characters may not be having Lumbar Punctures anytime soon, but there are always touching scenes to write when one half of a romantic pairing is sick or injured.
  • WIP Progress - Still working on the novelette. I've been finding the time, though sometimes it seems to take a whole search party. When it's turned up, though, I've made the most of it. The fraction has been stuck at 2/3 because really, I wasn't at 2/3 before. It turned out a little longer than anticipated (I was thinking short story, and ended up with novelette). I'm still plugging away and got my 6 pages in this week.
  • Blogging - This makes 1 here, and I had 2 on my gaming site. I did make an additional personal post (there's a lot going on there, which explains the lack in other areas). I'm not modifying the goal, because I want to keep shooting for 3, I just wasn't able to hit it last week. I have several post ideas started, just need to find the time to write them. I prioritize my WIP over my blogging when they come in direct conflict, and such was the case for most of the last seven days. Fortunately, things should start looking up in this department.
That's really all I have. Let's do a quick word count and get back to work:
  • Since last check in (two weeks): 3,208
  • New Fiction: 1,727
  • Round 1 Total: 34,522


Mental Mosaic said...


I'm sorry your wife is not well. Glad to hear you are being supportive. I know what you mean about mentally filing things away to right about later. I think that's an unexpected helpful side effect of being a writer, actually.

Anyway, I found you via Twitter's #ROW80 hashtag and thought I'd say hi. I'm fairly new to it. See you around the net. :)


Matt said...

Thanks. Definitely see you around!

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