Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A List! A List!

At first, I was reluctant to set up a mailing list. I'm not sure why. I guess I just thought I wasn't even remotely "cool" enough yet to justify a mailing list. That's only for when you have gobs of fans, right?

Well, I still don't think I'm all that cool, but I do have a small handful of fans. (To be fair, I don't even like to say "fans." Most of you I think of as friends, even if we've only chatted through the Internet.) As I'm getting ready to release both a new short story and a new novel, it occurred to me that I'd really like to offer my dedicated few some good deals and sweet pricing. Like, of the free variety. Especially with the short story.

I was starting to make a list of people I wanted to contact via email and offer free copies of my short story, when I thought: isn't there an app for this? Or, more specifically, a chimp for this? Email newsletters are hardly a new idea, yet it didn't take much thought to figure out that they're perfect for what I want to do. A list of folks that I can send a pretty email to in one, easy step? Now wai!

You'll find the sign up on the left there. The heading is "Only the important stuff..." That's how I view the newsletter. I'm am NOT going to spam you. In fact, if you sign up, you may only see one or two emails per year from me. I only plan to send out notification of new releases and special deals. The deals will likely be in the form of a Smashwords code, allowing you to snag a story for a discount in whatever format you'd like. You'd also be completely free (and even encouraged) to pass your "exclusive" deals along to friends. The more the merrier.

Sign ups are open now. We'll probably shoot out a "practice" mail to start, featuring The Binder's Daughter. In fact, we'll probably include a real code with it. Maybe in the next week or so, depends on how quickly we can make it look good. In any case, the list should be a great way to just get the "good stuff." Sign up if you're interested. We'll see how it goes.


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