Wednesday, March 14, 2012

#ROW80 - Time Equals Blogs

Another quick check-in this week. Day Job is being, well, daily. It's been tough to squeeze things in, but the last week was not a complete failure. Let's look at the goals:
  • Lesson Learned - Mailing Lists are good! I wrote about my plans for setting up a newsletter yesterday. I'm rather excited about the idea (not that it's particularly novel or anything), as I'm all for rewarding readers. I'm always hesitant to simply mark down my books (maybe I shouldn't be), but I love handing out Smashwords codes for cheaper books. It's just simpler and more direct, I think. Maybe this is a personal thing, though.
  • WIP Progress - Still looking for an editor for The Only Sparkle. Perhaps my new goal here is to get the ball rolling on that by the time this round ends. Otherwise, I'm in business mode right now, so not a lot of writing going on apart from the blogs.
  • Blogging - Only 2/3 at the gaming blog, but 3/3 here. More on this in a moment, but I think this is good for the time I'm spending. My personal post has already been notched for this month. 
I've found, in generally, that the amount of blogging I'm able to do goes hand-in-hand with the amount of time I spend on things. That is, if I don't game for a whole week, it becomes really difficult to hit my 3 post goal. Similarly, if I'm not working on my writing career, it's tough to write things here. Thus, I use my blogging goal as a natural reflection of how hard I'm working in a given arena. 

I didn't game a lot this last week, which isn't necessarily a bad thing (since gaming is a pretty optional activity). My brother is staying with us for a week, so I've been spending time with him. Plus, my car is back in the shop (which is becoming a weekly adventure, and I'm searching for a new car in the mean time). Being social and getting the "life business" done are good reasons not to game. 

My writing blogging stayed on target, as I'm squeezing in the "right" amount of time for this. I've been knocking off what I would call more "business" tasks, but I can still write about those on here. I've checked in with the nice folks editing my novel, and the good news is that they are both very nearly done. I should enter my editing gauntlet next week, which means we're looking at a release for the novel before the end of the month. It took a lot longer than I'd have liked, but a lot of life stuff got in the way, and I'm still getting it out. I didn't stop or give up... just delayed. Any forward progress is good progress, even if its slow. Like I said last week, just keep chugging, keep rowing; that's the key.

Let's check out the word count:
  • Since last check in (two weeks): 2,044
  • New Fiction: 0 - Editing Mode
  • Round 1 Total: 44,695


Anonymous said...

I love ROW80 because it lets us set a variety of goals. I'm looking forward to the upcoming reboot so I can completely rearrange mine!

Matt said...

For sure. Life changes. Plus, hopefully we're all learning :-).

Jess said...

I try to roll with the punches when real life happens, but it can be hard to manage. Sounds like you're figuring out what works for you, which is the key! Keep up your awesome progress.

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