Wednesday, July 4, 2012

#ROW80 - Burn Ban

I'll be brief today since I'm celebrating the fourth with family. We're at my parent's lake house with a day of festivities planned. A wonderful way to spend a holiday. I just did some writing while gazing out at the water. It's hardly placid, though, as there are boats everywhere. I'm going out in a few minutes myself (another reason to keep this short).

I won't run through the goals today, since we're really only two days in. I'll tack those two days onto next Wednesday's check in (I suppose I forgot to mention that I tend to check in once a week, on Wednesdays. Sundays are my day of rest). I am squeezing in some writing time, though. So that's something.

We won't be able to see as many fireworks out here as we have in past years. I live in Indiana, and that majority of the state is under burn bans. Everything is super dry due to a lack of rain, so they obviously don't want to tempt things with unrestrained fireworks. Sad, though, because 4th of July fireworks are one of my favorite things. I'm sure the night sky won't be completely devoid of pretty lights tonight...

Hope you all have a great (and productive?) holiday. If you're somewhere that doesn't have to worry about fires... light an extra sparkler for me. Even if you're from the UK. You can celebrate this as the day you got rid of us loonies. :-)


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