Wednesday, July 18, 2012

#ROW80 - Crazy Eight

This week finds me continuing to weather the heat. I've surprised myself a bit. My process has turned out to be more adaptive than I would have thought. More on that in the goals....
  • Lesson Learned - Processes can adapt on their own. I wrote earlier this week about my recent strange experiences. It's been a pleasant surprise.
  • WIP Progress - Knocked out 8 pages. Pretty much in two large chunks. It took me about a half chapter to get back into the narrative style (and boy will that half chapter need edits), but since then, the story's been flowing.
  • Blogging - This will only be 2 posts here, and I only posted 2 on the gaming site. I knew this was my stretch goal going into the round. Blogging is sort of the first thing to suffer when I have a time crunch. I'm not unhappy, but I did not make this goal. Hopefully this week will be better.
  • Reading - Finished The Name of the Wind. The only downside right now is that the scope of the story is truly epic. There's not much in the way of tying up in the first book. In fact, I'm not sure any of the story threads were resolved. Definitely a cliffhanger book, but such things are common in epic fantasy. I'm going to wait for my wife to catch up, and in the mean time I may read the next Jim Butcher novel on my list, sticking in 1st person fantasy.
So I was 3/4 on the goals this week. Considering I'm exceeding my WIP goal, I'm not too disappointed in the scarce blogging. I'm not ignoring my blogs, and really it's been a quiet couple of weeks. I've never wanted to blog just to blog. That is, I always try to at least write about interesting things. I have a personal journal for the boring stuff. Also, the amount written is basically the same, so it's not like I've slacked. Just redistributed the scarce goods of "time and energy."

(I suppose I should mention that I also posted 5 times on the high school football blog that I run for the team I help coach. Usually that site is only getting a couple of posts per week, but it was a busy week. There were a lot of pictures, but the articles also took some words and energy. I don't count them for the challenge, as I try to maintain more of an editorial role there, getting content from others, but I actually did some writing this past week. Still, I'll leave it out of the count to be consistent.)

Just going to keep on keeping on for next week. Here's a look at the word counts:
  • Since last round: 5,130
  • New Fiction: 2,655
  • Round 3 Total: 17,530


Gerhi Feuren said...

You seem to be pretty organized. Good luck on your ROW80 goals. 4/4 next week?

Matt said...

Here's hoping.

Funny thing about that "organized" word. My wife uses it with me a lot. Sometimes, I swear it assumes the properties of a swear word.

"Oh gee, honey. So SORRY I'm not ORGANIZED like you."


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