Wednesday, July 25, 2012

#ROW80 - Day Jobs Suck

Busy, busy. That's me. Usually I try to squeeze in writing at work during a break or lunch or whatever. Recently, that's been nigh impossible. The Day Job has really ratcheted up, and I hate every second of it. Soul sucking. Like a Dementor.

I think I did all right with the goals, though. Let's look:
  • Lesson Learned - I wrote a bit about the metaphysics of shapeshifters in my world. Also, a patronus charm does not work at work, much to my dismay. I don't think I had a happy enough thought.
  • WIP Progress - Exactly 5 pages this week. That puts me on page 56 of chapter three, and 18k words into the novel. Not a bad place to be. I'd been writing fast in previous weeks, but that doesn't mean I can slack off.
  • Blogging - I made a conscious effort to improve on this goal. I hit 3/3 here and 3/3 on the gaming blog. One post here consisted pretty much of a picture and nothing else... but it was worth it. I need to remember that every post doesn't have to be 1000 words. What can I say? I'm a writer. Pictures feel like cheating. Need to hit my personal post this upcoming week. Not much July left.
  • Reading - I've started the next of the Rothfuss series I'm listening to on Audible. I also started reading the next Jim Butcher book as I catch up on the Dresden Files (I'm on Blood Rites). So yeah, I'm good on this goal as I've got two stories going, both 1st person POV. Good stuff. Although part of me is jealous because they are both excellent writers. But I've written about that one before...
Day Job is calling me back, so I'll keep this short. We'll go straight to the word counts:
  • Since last round: 3,273
  • New Fiction: 1,643
  • Round 3 Total: 22,446


Kathrese McKee said...

Day jobs are dementors. And, just as the counter-spell for demontors is a powerful, happy memory, the counter-spell for a day job is a powerful dream that transcends the 9-5 world. Don't be like me and let the blogging work to the detriment of your WIP. Yeah, I know--balance. Ultimately, your WIP must be the priority. Have a great week!

Matt said...

That's good advice. For the most part, I accomplish the separation due to writing environment. I pretty much only post if I'm able to squeeze it in at work (when I would be unable to write fiction... requires a bit more time/attention to do properly). At home, fiction comes first!

I think my goals reflect that my home life was a bit more frantic than my work life last week... though neither have been cooperative as of late.

KM Huber said...

Excellent job on your goals! Those darn day jobs are tough but you are showing everyone that novels can be written as well as blog posts and before the day is done, there's also time for reading. Yours is a real inspirational update, and I thank you for it. Have a great round.


Matt said...

Awesome. Thanks for the reply. Sometimes I surprise even myself at the end of rounds by how much I have written. Every little bit you can squeeze in counts, especially when you love it.

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