Tuesday, August 14, 2012

GenCon 2012!

This weekend marks one of the most exciting weekends in tabletop gaming. Everything from Scrabble to Dungeons and Dragons (and a fair bit of nerd culture, as well) will be represented. I don't get to make it out to a lot of cons (curse the Day Job! Also, coaching in the fall makes travel really tough), so when there's one close to home, we take a staycation.

GenCon Indy is this weekend in Indianapolis, IN. Since we live just north of the city, we'll be attending as much as possible. To make matters more tantalizing, one of my favorite authors--Brandon Sanderson--is the guest of honor this year. I've got tickets to attend pretty much everything he's involved with.

The focus is tabletop gaming, but writing and story-telling is an integral part to most games. Authors and books will be well-represented. It's a pretty awesome time and I love Indy. The city knows how to do a con.

I'm going to try to tweet on my @MattHofferth account. I'll be hanging out with a group of friends downtown, taking in the sights and playing games. If you happen to be attending as well, and want to meet up or introduce yourself, feel encouraged to send me a DM through Twitter. I'll probably be all over the place, but we'll see what we can do. Or, if you just happen to bump into me, you'll probably be able to recognize me as the tall blond guy with a red World of Warcraft hat. It has my gaming name, Fulguralis, on the back.

Okay, so that won't make me stick out. My wife's brain wave cat ears might, though. Of course, these could be super popular, who knows? Like most cons, a lot of folks will be in costume. We're hardly unique looking among fellow nerds.

We're really excited about this weekend. Getting to meet any readers, fellow gamers, or simply lovers of all things nerd would be icing on the cake. I don't have a booth or anything (not nearly that cool), but we do tend to end up at the RAM Brewery. The place is usually packed, but the beer is totally worth it.

Like I said, I don't get out to cons much. This is really the only shot I get, so we'll be living it up. I'll try to post some pictures up on here, even if they're unrelated to writing. We'll see how it goes.


Smawhorter said...

Be there on Saturday...another tall guy with a real life LoZ Link at my side (11 year old son). It's our first year so we are not sure what to expect.

Matt said...


Expect typical con stuff: throngs of people, long waits at any and all food places, crazy costumes. You should walk the vendor floor at least once... tons of awesome stuff there. Otherwise, the website has a list of events, there are likely still many you could walk into, I'm not sure.

Our first few years we just pretty much showed up, ate with friends, walked the floor, and that was about it. It was still a blast. We're trying to do a few more events this year.

Also, don't be afraid to bring your favorite game to play and squat somewhere. We'll play card games in restaurants (most establishments are quite fond of gamers... apparently we tip well and drink and eat a lot). In the surrounding hotels or the convention center itself, you can often find a table to play, or even a table to watch others play. It's super busy, but we always seem to be able to find a table... not sure why.

Above all, just have fun and take it all in. There will be a lot of crazy sights.

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