Wednesday, August 1, 2012

#ROW80 - Two-A-Days

Well, football season has started. For most of the players and coaches in the state of Indiana, this means two-a-days. My schedule is currently Day Job from 8-4, practice from 4-9, squeeze in what I can. The day is so exhausting, that I'm not really pushing myself to write any fiction. I need to be dialed mentally in to football (first weeks generally require the most teaching), so I'm pretty finished by the time I get home. I did write some last weekend, and I'm going to try to write some more this weekend. Two-a-days will end next Friday, and then I'll be back on a somewhat normal schedule. Until then, the goals are pretty much on hold.

In all things, you have to know your limits. Burning yourself out does no one any good, least of all yourself. Here's something pretty cool I can say, though. Because of tracking my goals through ROW80, I know that I've been working steadily to further my writing career for four rounds. That's 320 days of work (and I've not really taken off the time between rounds, either). A couple weeks isn't going to hurt me in the grand scheme of things.

Do what you can. Work within yourself. There are times when you can't force creativity. 13 hour days will do that. Anyway, goals will be quick this week and next. Word counts will be low, but that's okay.
  • Lesson Learned - Writing is like Football.
  • WIP Progress - Knocked out 3 pages over the weekend. Not terrible.
  • Blogging - 2/3 on the gaming blog. 3/3 here. And I knocked out the personal post. Not bad.
  • Reading - Finished the Jim Butcher novel. Still making progress on the Patrick Rothfuss audiobook.
Word count:
  • Since last round: 3,957
  • New Fiction: 910
  • Round 3 Total: 26,403


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