Wednesday, August 22, 2012

#ROW80 - Fly By

Ah! Weeks fly in-season. Also, GenCon didn't do much to slow things down. But... the goals! Let's see how bad I did:
  • Lesson Learned - Writing about sex is fine, but writing sex makes me squirm. Go figure.
  • WIP Progress - Let's see... um... 1/5. Not very good. But I went to the Con! I learned! Grrr...
  • Blogging - Here's where I made up the difference. I didn't have a lot of time for fiction, but I at least logged some words. 3/3 here. 2/3 on the gaming blog. Plus I've been writing a whole bunch for the football blog. 7 posts since last Wednesday. Yeah, I should count those. Some of the writing is done for me, and the rest almost writes itself, but still... (I have a personal post left to do this month, egads!)
  • Reading - Still plodding through the Rothfuss book. Great stuff.
Funny I should mention Rothfuss. His prose is widely regarded in fantasy circles as among the best. A writer's writer, if you will. But I wanted to mention a post I read today from Nathan Bransford. It discusses a question I've often asked myself: Sure, there is good writing, and we always want to do our very best... but how good is good enough? I know, I know... I should be stoned for even thinking that. I blame Nathan.

Despite the failure at the WIP, I'm feeling pretty pleased. GenCon weekend is simply crazy, and I had a good time. Now my schedule settles into a routine and I should be able to bang out more fiction. Besides, I looked at the word count from my novel and realized I'm already 20k words deep! Sometimes the words fly, too. There's so much left to tell (but I'm shooting for around 100k words)... am I really 1/5th done? Pretty neat to think of it that way.

I'm skipping the word count for now. It's late and I barely squeezed this in. Maybe I'll have time to tack it on tomorrow. If not, I'll do it next week.

(Edit: Word count added. I included the football articles that I wrote to make myself feel better. Hey, words are words.)

  • Since last check-in: 4,665
  • New Fiction: 738
  • Round 3 Total: 38,401


Anonymous said...

I think this week is catching up with a lot of us. I mean, it feels like summer is at a close and there's still that long list of things we thought we'd get done or places we planned to go. And yet...never made it to one baseball game and only hit the beach once, where I spent less than an hour cause the bees were bad.

We've all had bad writing weeks. Sounds like you did the best you could where you could. Here's crossing my fingers you get time to write in this next week!

Nadja Notariani said...

It's great that you enjoyed the conference! Although your lesson learned has me laughing. I was recently reading an interview with George Martin on Game Of Thrones...Oh! I will be linking back to it - because Martin said (well, something that struck me as profound. Of course, it was about writing. His simple take on an issue that garners much discussion in the writing industry impacted me. I can't wait to share. - Ahem...the reason it has to do with your lesson learned is there - I swear it! ;-}

Anyhooo, the reason many writers hesitate to write sex scenes is - they're difficult to write! We've all read a 'love scene' that reads like stereo instructions! '...insert tab A into slot B...appropriate sound effect....mechanics, mechanics, random surface description, mechanics, adjectives, explicit adjectives, add in a helping of 'the-big-O', sound effects, Voila!'
It adds nothing to the story and often is plain-old awkward. Not every book should have - nor needs - sex. If, however, an author determines that 'the-show-must-go-on' (I like that...ha!) then he/she must write emotion into the piece, motivations, reactions, intent...and all that jazz. Well, IMHO, ...LOL.

Glad to hear all is well on the writing front, Matt! Have a great week, and a safe, successful football season.

Matt said...

@Jess - Thanks for the pep talk... that's likely exactly what's going on.

@Nadja - Yeah, it's funny, my family (me included) is far from prudish. When we have a get together, sex talks are completely normal (and new comers generally leave with a deep blush). When I think about writing it though, it's so scary!

Still, it's definitely something I want to at least try at some point. Not sure when that'll be. Following along with your it-needs-to-fit-in-the-story mantra... I think I just need to write myself into the corner where I say: "Oh no. I need a sex scene!"

Best of luck with your week as well.

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