Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Belated Easter

I know, I'm like two days overdue here. I've been busy, promise. If you've signed up for our newsletter, you already know this. We sent out our first letter on Sunday! There weren't any special offers in it or exciting news; it was more of a test run with a bit of holiday fun. My wife is going to be enjoying herself with the newsletters. She is rather fond of silly photos. In this case, she started with a picture of our rabbit and made it, well, eggcellent.

The grass almost looks good enough to eat.
She'll probably send out more bun-themed artwork in the future, but we also will hopefully have some releases to announce in the near future. I'm planning to offer a "free" code for my short story when we get it done. My edits are in. We just need to clean up the formatting and create a cover. We're hoping to have it out by the end of the week. Then, the fantasy novel should follow shortly.

I'm sure I'll make posts on here, so if email is not your thing, feel free to ignore the newsletter. Really, I just was getting a lot of folks telling me "send me an email when you get it done," and it quickly became apparent that I would not be able to remember all those emails. I honestly started a hand-written list, and then decided to, you know, embrace technology. I mean, there's an app for that, right?

Anyway, the newsletter will be our way of saying happy holidays to our readers, thank you all for your support, and pass along some exclusive deals. Also, you get to see our giant rabbit who, incidentally, is the final judge on any and all products we produce. In that picture, you can see he is judging Easter as... adequate. (We didn't tell him we were photoshopping the eggs in.)

So thanks for reading. New stuff soon. Hope you had a wonderful holiday.

Also, feel free to email us back with any newsletter suggestions or problems. Contact info is on the About the Author page.


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