Wednesday, April 4, 2012

#ROW80 - A Short Throw

There's a party going on. I was invited, but I'm stuck at work. It's a throwback party. I'm not sure I have a whole lot to throwback to. The only things I was kicking "back in the day" (which was a Tuesday, by the way) were uterine walls. I'll pause a moment for that to settle in. (Yeah, I went there.)

Since I was born in the 80's, I suppose I take a certain amount of pride in the decade. Not that I have any meaningful recollections of the "good old days." (Incidentally, my first memory is falling out of a pine tree. I think I was like six. What's yours?)

Fortunately, there is the Internet. A quick search turns up this gem. I never owned any of that, except... yes! Fingerless gloves! Got a pair of those. Grew my hair out, threw on a black leather jacket, and some tight jeans with holes in them. Strapped on the Strat. Went as a rock star for Halloween once. I'm sure a picture exists somewhere, but I don't have it handy. I like to think it looks a lot like this:

But, you know, I wasn't performing. (And I'm no John Rzeznik).

The Dolls were more 90's and age-appropriate for me. I originally went looking for Bon Jovi pictures from back before he decided he was "country." You know what I'm talking about. The Dolls opening for Bon Jovi was my first concert ever. Pretty awesome if you ask me. I harbor a deep-seated love for classic rock (AC/DC on the earbuds right now. Just another selection from my "Journey" channel on Pandora.)

I suppose I should give my goals some thought. This is a check-in after all:

  • Lesson Learned - I'm not a rock star (yet).
  • WIP Progress - There's been some editing. My short story edits are in the mail. I'm in good shape. I'll be more specific once I've had a full week.
  • Blogging - See above specificity clause. I did knock out a pair of post early this week. Good times.
That's about all the time I have. Need to get back to work. The vultures are hovering.

My requests to the DJ - Give me Livin' on a Prayer for the 80's and Iris for the 90's.


Robin M said...

Love the gem link. Great reminder. I was one of those with shoulder pads, cut the tops of my sweatshirts for the fall off the shoulder look. Even admit to the leg warmers. I think still have a couple pairs around here somewhere. :) Yeah for edits in the mail. Have a great rest of the week! Rock on!

Matt said...

Ha thanks!

Lauralynn Elliott said...

Ok, I'm so much older than you! :)

Of course you're a rock star...a rock star of writing. LOL

So is "short stories are in the mail" anything like "the check's in the mail"? Bwa ha ha.

Matt said...

Because if one can describe one's self with flowery language as having donned a leather jacket and played some power riffs in the upstairs bedroom just to have an excuse to dress oddly... it happened. Also, writing rock stars get a fictitious tour bus. We call it a "novel." Novel concept, that.

As far as the short story... I actually got it next day. Imagine that. I plan to finish up my last pass this weekend and maybe have it out by the end of next week. Shorter works are so much easier to bring to market. Plus, we're not doing a paper version (doesn't make sense with it so short), so that helps. When I get a few, I'll probably bundle them for print, but just don't have enough yet.

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