Wednesday, April 25, 2012

#ROW80 - No Rest For The Wordy

Last week was a great week. This week was more mundane. I've gotten back into the ritual of editing. I'm shooting to finish up my final editing run on Fates' Motif in 15 days. Probably not going to happen, but that's the stretch goal. Means two chapters a day, average. Let's take a step back and look at the overall goals:
  • Lesson Learned - I talked about writing freckles on Monday. The lesson here is that editing is (and probably always will be) a bit of an emotional gauntlet as well. I tend to jump between "this is terrible" and "hey, that wasn't half-bad" pretty consistently. I think this is normal, and non-indicative of the actual quality; I'm always going to be my own worst critic. The key is to not let that stop me from sharing, just keep learning, working hard, and doing my best.
  • WIP Progress - I think I officially started the last editing pass on Friday. Since then, I believe I've gotten through 6 chapters. 7 if you include the Prologue (which I guess I should). As I've had five days, this puts me about 3 behind where I'd wanted to be, but I think anything over 10 chapters a week is actually successful (if not ideal). I'm on pace for that. I'm not going to rush just for the sake of rushing.
  • Blogging - I continue to do well here. This makes 4/3 here, and I was 3/3 on the gaming blog. The personal post has been checked off for the month already. Good times.
  • Not A Goal - I'm sort of staying firm. My wife and I share an Audible account. She was in a hurry to start Catching Fire, the second book in The Hunger Games series. So, I've begun listening to that during my Day Job commute. The judges say that this does not discount not achieving not to read. In layman's terms, I think that means I'm still good on this goal. I mean, it's not like I could be doing anything else while driving.
Still in good shape. Kicking names and taking... wait, reverse that. You get the idea. I'll keep this short and end with the word count:
  • Since last check in: 3,017
  • New Fiction: 0 - Editing Mode
  • Round 2 Total: 10,571


Anonymous said...

It's sounds like you'll be at the end of your edits in no time. You're doing good. Keep at it.

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