Wednesday, June 27, 2012

In Lieu of a Check In, a Check In

Even though this is an "off" week for ROW80, I wanted check in anyway. I'll make this a little less formal, though. Just sort of a what I'm up to post.

First, I wanted to plug ROW80. All you need to have is a blog (for reporting progress). You don't need to be a novelist. You could just be writing about underwater basket weaving. As long as you're writing. It's a great group meant simply to encourage, and the challenge understands that you have a life (#tagline). If you're at all interested, I would highly encourage anyone not already involved to check it out.

Second, I'm through the first chapter of The Binder's Husband. I always feel like after you finish the first chapter of a new project, that it's official. You're underway. Fates' Motif has barely cooled, and I'm onto the next project. That's how it should be in the world of the writer. (The author might wish to market more, but the writer is in charge of this operation for another four years still).

I'm pretty excited about several of the scenes in TBH. I have some (I think) cool stuff planned. Writing the second book is a bit daunting. I'm trying to dive right into the story. It feels a bit odd because usually you have to build up a lot of character and background before you can really get moving. (Stellar authors can accomplish this without thinking... getting moving while establishing everything. I'm not sure I'm there yet.) With the second book, there's kind of a quick recap... and then we're off. The characters are already pretty well established from the first novel, so I need to think more along the lines of refreshing the reader, not building from scratch. It's a slightly different sort of approach.

Anyway, that's what's going on. Apart from writing, we're looking into new ways to share my stories. We'd like to get them made into audiobooks eventually, I'm saving pennies for editing, and I'm toying with the idea of releasing what I've done through a site like Wattpad. First and foremost, though, the writing.

And yes, I will be doing ROW80 next round. Fo'shizzle.


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