Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Warbreaker Group Read, Week Four

Week four. We're closing in on the end now. One more week to go. If you're a fan of the three act theory of storytelling, this week was pretty much the point where we turn the corner in Act 2 and rocket into Act 3. As usual, thanks to Naithin and Amanda for hosting.. Let's check out the questions:

1) So, pretty much everything has been flipped up on its head in this section. Which particular revelation was the greatest shock to you and how has it impacted your view of the book as a whole? 

I said way back in week two that I suspected the mercenaries apparent loyalty would only go so far, so I can't say that revelation surprised me.

Maybe the biggest shock for me was Susebron wanting to take control of his kingdom. I thought it was really neat that he wants to step up and make things right. I also think it could lead to a really awesome conclusion.

2) Vasher is perhaps one of those things who we’ve had flipped over on us. Turns out he may have once been a scholar, even! Vasher and Viveena have quite the conversation about Awakening and Returned and skate across the topic of ‘Type 4’ Awakened Objects, which the story implies to be objects like Nightblood. Vasher is completely unwilling to discuss it any further – any guesses as to why? 

Vasher is a lot deeper as a character than I expected. I suppose I should have seen that coming (looking back, of course). Am I the only one that would like to see Vivenna fall for him? He seems like he needs a good woman. Or do y'all think he's too old? I got the impression that Breaths have kept him young, but that he's just unkempt. Too much of that bachelor lifestyle...

Obviously Nightblood is, to some extent, and example of Awakening gone wrong. That is, I doubt the creator intended to a make a sword that kills All The Things. I would guess that it's sort of like dabbling in the Dark Arts, taboo. Also, likely Vasher had some sort of personal failing... perhaps he created Nightblood? It's his burden and doesn't feel like he wants to share?

3) Siri’s conversation with Treledees perhaps indicated that for all the disregard he shows for Siri, that he may in fact still care for the God King. If true, does this clash with their idea of simply holding onto the Divine Breath until the return of another, or how could you see it being reconciled? 

Yeah, and the power is just a perk. Puh-lease. Dude's a skeeze. He'll show his true colors before the end. Maybe he really believes, but even then he'll turn out to be a fanatic that has bastardized the overall mission of his faith. That's my story and I'm sticking to it (until next week at least when I should know for sure).

4) We’re so far through the book now, and the War has yet to come. Do you (still?) see it as inevitable, or do you think that it may yet be headed off?

I think that the war will be *cough* broken. That is to say, like a giant tidal wave approaching a sandy shore, we see this war coming from a mile away. Someone (or something) is going step in front like a giant seawall and cause the wave to break. Smaller waves may disturb the sand, but the full force will be diverted and scattered.


Anya @ On Starships and Dragonwings said...

I'm also really excited about the plot with Susebron and really hope for a Molly Weasley vs. Bellatrix moment where he goes crazy awesome defending Siri, or maybe the other way around, both could be awesome scenes :D

Naithin said...

Yeah, I really should've kept a stronger faith that Vasher would end up being good in the end.

I mean, the story started with him! That means he is pretty much destined to be a good guy, right? :P

Also, well done on calling the Mercs out early, I was very much in their favour at that point. I knew there would be some added complexity to the relationship between them and Vivi for sure... just... I never saw it going that far.

Matt said...

@Anya - Agreed. Though I'm answering this late (was on vacation and have finished the book), so I won't say more.

@Naithin - They just smelled fishy to me? I guess I'm always wary of liking a character too much (unless they're the obvious protagonist). Maybe that's a cynical view... or maybe it's the sort of thing I'd play around with in my own writing. Devious, the minds of writers. :-)

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