Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Warbreaker Group Read, Week Two

It's time again. Tuesday, that is. Time for part two of the Warbreaker Group Read. This week was chapters 13-23. Thanks again to Naithin and Amanda for playing hosts. So, without further ado, let's dive right in.

1) We’ve seen more of Vasher and Nightblood in action and heard perhaps quite a different perspective from the mercenaries. Any thoughts on what Vasher and Nightblood’s nature or motivations may ultimately be?

I think Vasher has a problem with the religion of the Returned, and wants to see it brought low. He obviously does not revere the Returned as deities, even going so far as to disrespect them (with the break-in). His reaction to Vivenna is puzzling, but I don't think he wanted to kill her. Whatever his goals are, I believe they're much bigger than we've been led to believe by the conversations of the mercenaries. Nightblood, I think, is just along for the ride (and the killing).

2) How about the mercenaries themselves? Denth seems to be spectacularly dangerous; more than we may have suspected. Then, there is Tonk Fah and the recently introduced Jewels. Are they playing it level with Vivenna, do you think?

No. People with spectacular talents are rarely simple mercenaries. Obviously, they have an agenda of their own. So long as Vivenna's does not cross theirs, I assume they'll continue to aid her. I suspect, before the end, those paths will be put at odds, and we'll see the mercenaries true colors.

3) We – and Siri – were let in on (some of) the secrets surrounding the God King as well, and what has been done to him to keep him in check. Or at least; we’ve seen Siri’s thoughts on why it was done. Do you think she was right? What consequences do you perhaps see arising from her teaching the Godking?

I do think she was right, mostly. I'm sure the priests that perpetrated the act on the God King believe they were doing it in the best interests of the people. That is, someone with that much power could not be allowed to rule unchecked.

If she succeeds in secretly teaching the God King, he may begin to assert himself more. I wonder if, perhaps, he is more like Lightsong than the other gods. That is, I wonder if he believes in his own religion. How could he, with what's been done to him? He may just want to be let out of the garden (and perhaps give up some breath). I could definitely see someone like him wishing for a "normal" life.

4) Blushweaver seems to be working toward some end goal we’re not yet privy to, but we know she is after anyone with Lifeless commands. Any ideas what/who/where her target may be once control of the Lifeless is gained?

I think she wants power, plain and simple. Perhaps she wants to be the new God King. She could be plotting a coup. Or maybe has some sort of specific vendetta against the Royals. At the end of the day, I think she just wants to win, whatever the costs. Which, I believe, is why Lightsong infuriates her so. He seems to win despite himself (even when playing crazy orb-style lawn darts, or whatever).

That's all. More chapters coming next Tuesday. (And if you still would like to jump in, head over to the host sites and sign up. No harm in jumping in late if you'd like!)


Naithin said...

Different view on the Mercenaries from what I've seen so far of doing the rounds (still a few sites to go though :))!

I certainly agree they have their own agenda, I just don't know how far they'd go if Vivenna ends up at odds with it in any way.

Matt said...

Yeah, I don't know that they'll necessarily go bad, I just think that it would mess with my emotions if they did. Care has been taken that we like them, which always makes me wary...

nrlymrtl said...

I also find it interesting that Vasher is not humbled by the Returned and that leads me to think about the conversation Siri had with ...ugh... the dude in the brown robes who is Pahn Kahl and accepts the God King as his lawful ruler but not his divinity.

Matt said...

Bluefingers. :-)

I think the point of the steward is perhaps that there's a middle ground that Pahn Kahl has figured out. It doesn't have to be holy war between the Idrians and Hallandren. You can be part of a kingdom and retain your own religion. At the very least, it tells me that the Hallandren aren't oppressive. They allow non-believers in their midst... the Idrians are the more strict one there, it seems.

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