Wednesday, June 6, 2012

#ROW80 - A Word Soak

Nothing too exciting today. Busy at the Day Job, so I'll be quick. The short story is that I'm settling back into writing mode. I think writing is like a drug for me. I'm a whole lot more calm when I'm working on a story. This isn't really a surprise--writing has always been a soothing balm--but emotionally, it feels like I'm taking that first dip into a hot tub. You know, when everything feels all tingly and you just can't help but let out an "ahhhh."

Am I being productive, though? Let's look at the goals:
  • Lesson Learned - Beginnings are hard. Second books in a series are no different (maybe more so).
  • WIP - Back in writing mode, my goal is 5 pages per week. I hit 7 this week. 5 is a pretty conservative goal, but I'm going to leave it that way until next round. Summer can be unpredictable.
  • Blogging - Hit 3/3 on both blogs. As June just started, I'm on the hook for a personal post, but have plenty of time.
  • Reading - Posted the second batch of group read questions yesterday. That's been a blast so far. If you want to see a horribly nerdy comment from me, check out the comments after Naithin's (one of the hosts) post. I was doing some fantasy napkin math. I wanted to know the population needed to support Sanderson's gods.
Pretty good week. The word count should be up, too, since I'm back in writing mode. There are still a few things to do on Fates' Motif, but nothing critical. My wife got the print edition to go live last night. We fixed everything we found in the proof and got a digital proof this time (instead of a hardcopy). Everything looked good, so we put it up. Still, we ordered an author copy right away and I won't feel satisfied until I hold it and flip through it. We'll probably send out a newsletter then in case anyone was waiting for print.

For any curious readers, a reminder: I do have several deals with print books. They're all up there on the Special Offers page. I am more than happy to do signed books, and I offer the e-book (in any format) free with a print purchase. I wish my favorite authors did this (hint hint, Brandon Sanderson... not that he reads here or has that kind of control). I love having his books on my shelf, but also love the convenience of my e-reader. Anything that'd let me have my cake and eat it... 

Anyway, hope everyone else is having a good week. Here's what my word count looks like:
  • Since last check in: 6,163
  • New Fiction: 2,695
  • Round 2 Total: 28,137


Lauralynn Elliott said...

I'm glad you're settling back into writing mode. I still haven't. Stuff just keeps happening. Grrrr.

I need to get a review up on The Only Sparkle. I'm so behind on my reviews! Nasty old day takes up so much of my time!

Matt said...

I hear you about the Day Job. Just have enough time to get home, write a bit, sleep... get up and do it all again.

Did you enjoy the story?

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