Saturday, May 19, 2012

Fates' Motif Maps!

Fates' Motif is about to go live. We have a map, which I think my wife did a wonderful job on. There are two versions, which I'll talk about in a moment. We're not so good at getting the image into the ebook. It's apparently easier said than done. If anyone has some good advice on how to embed a picture into the popular ebook formats, please let me know. Otherwise, we're just going to have to hyperlink to it on the blog here. We'll keep playing with it, and may update the source file in the future if we figure it out, but we didn't want to hold up release.

Once the print edition is out, it will have the black and white version of the map. Perhaps ironically, it's a whole bunch easier to get the map into the print edition than it is the electronic one. Still, this is our first foray into maps, so I hardly expected it to be easy. We'll learn as we go.

I mentioned two versions. The black and white is for the print edition (we do not print in color). It also is perhaps a bit easier to read. The color version is supposed to represent the map carved into a chunk of wood. I wanted to have a story reason why there would be a map. I imagine one of our main characters might create one during some of her musings. I'll probably mention it more concretely in later books, but such was the idea behind the creation.

So here are the two map versions, for reference, that go with the book. There will be a hyperlink to them in the ebook, and an actual reproduction in the print book. Best we can do right now. (Click for larger, more legible view.)

Black and White Version

Wooden Version


Lauralynn Elliott said...

Cool maps! I haven't ever embedded a picture in my ebooks, so I have no idea how that works. Have you checked out Smashwords Style Guide? I think the answer might be in there.

Matt said...

Thanks for the tip. We'll have to dig into that. I'll be sure to report anything here if we learn how to do it.

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