Wednesday, May 2, 2012

#ROW80 - El Check In

I'm on the road for Day Job this week, so we'll keep this brief. Work trips are rarely restful, and I've got editing to do before an early bed claims me. Let's check on the goals:
  • Lesson Learned - As a writer, even a Day Job work trip can be story-fodder. Make the most of every opportunity to immerse yourself in other cultures.
  • WIP Progress - I was at Chapter 6 last week. I'm through Chapter 17 right now. That's 11 chapters in 7 days, three short of my 2-per-day goal, but considering all the travel and craziness, I'm cool with it.
  • Blogging - This makes 3/3 here. Only 1/3 on the gaming blog. I'm also on the hook for a personal post this month, but I've got plenty of time for that.
The gaming blog is in a bit of a rut right now. I have several things conspiring against me. First, the games I play are in a bit of a lull. Second, I don't really have the time to play them. Thus, not a whole lot of writing going on there. I actually succumbed to the Curse of the Blogger: the apologetic I'm-not-dead post. It happens, I guess. When Diablo III drops on the 15th of May (and, yes, I've finished my edits), then we'll get back to gaming.

Quick. Like I said. And now, the word counts:
  • Since last check in: 1,924
  • New Fiction: 0 - Editing Mode
  • Round 2 Total: 12,495


Anonymous said...

Great job keeping up with the goals even on the road!

Matt said...

Thanks. The word count isn't as high as I'd usually like, but even crawling is moving forward. :-)

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